After the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, the tourism industry has experienced an improvement due to factors such as: the recovery of travel demand, both for leisure and business, and the adaptation to new trends, to name just a few examples. In this sense, travel agencies need to innovate and digitalize their processes, products and services, making use of tools such as automation, to achieve greater efficiency. Using our All-in-One Marketing Automation platform will be essential for travel agencies to improve their competitiveness and consolidate their position in the market.

Automation offers multiple benefits. Internally, it allows to save time and money, reduce human errors, optimize processes, improve employee performance and facilitate data-driven decision making. Externally, automation improves customer experience, increases satisfaction and loyalty, generates more sales and competitive advantages. FluxForce is undoubtedly the ideal platform to achieve these goals.

Target of the agencies: the key to differentiate from the competition and increase sales 

Knowing your target better is the first step towards success, as it enables you to offer them products and services tailored to their needs, interests and preferences. Thus, you can improve customer satisfaction, increase loyalty, optimize resources and gain competitive advantage in the market. 

Once the needs and expectations of the target are defined, it is time to segment. Using FluxForce’s contact lists, it is possible to segment automatically. To create your segments, you can use as many filters as you consider necessary: favorite destinations, data from previous bookings, feedback, preferred type of trip (in group, alone, as a couple, girls only, etc.) interests (nature, cultural, academic trips), to name a few. 

The automated segmentation in contact lists is also very useful for large-scale agencies. For example, those agencies that simultaneously use a B2B and B2C business model, can automate their digital marketing actions in a totally differentiated way. This allows them to communicate their product with both approaches and reach the right customer segment.

Relevant and personalized content: an infallible marketing strategy 

You have already segmented your target taking into account their needs, expectations and preferences. What’s next? It’s time to create a relationship of trust and closeness with your leads and customers. To achieve this, personalized communication will play a key role.

Sending messages and offers customized to your leads and customers, at the right time and using the ideal channel, taking into account the context, history and interest of each one, will help you generate more engagement, conversion and loyalty. In FluxForce you have pre-designed templates of emails and landing pages that will be very useful for you to create your content in an attractive and easy way. Also with the help of our AI you can personalize these templates generating images, as well as optimizing your texts and CTAs. 

Travel agencies handle a considerable amount of information. Using FluxForce, they can automate the sending of budgets, relevant information about offers, price details, cancellation policies, tour itineraries, payment and reservation confirmations, among others.

Automation of multichannel digital marketing campaigns: essential to optimize the performance of the agencies 

At this point, it is time to design and execute automated marketing campaigns, adapted to each segment and each stage of the sales funnel. You can use a variety of channels such as email, SMS and WhatsApp to run different types of campaigns such as inbound marketing among others. We also recommend the implementation of techniques such as cross and up sell to improve sales. 

The possibility of implementing several campaigns at once will allow you to work with leads, prospects and customers in a differentiated way. You can accompany them throughout the sales funnel and then implement actions aimed at loyalty and cross-selling. Using automated segmentation, it is possible to develop campaigns with different objectives and approaches depending on the information available from the lead and the behavior they exhibit. The agencies can execute campaigns aimed at: 

  • Presenting their services 
  • Promoting seasonal offers (according to seasonal destinations and festive dates, for example) 
  • Informing about new developments and relevant news in the leisure and travel sector
  • Promoting new destinations or modalities 
  • Special offers, discounts, etc.

Evaluation for optimization and continuous improvement of results 

Due to the heterogeneity of the target of travel agencies, the A/B Testing tool is of vital importance. With the help of this functionality, the agencies can test different approaches and ways of presenting the information with the aim of optimizing their results. 

Using FluxForce, they will also have access to metrics that will allow them to analyze the performance of their campaigns, a very valuable resource to measure the achievement of the objectives and the opportunities gained in each case. 

Automation is an unstoppable trend that is transforming the travel sector, and that offers numerous advantages for the agencies that want to grow in the market by adapting and innovating. The use of FluxForce is a profitable and necessary investment for travel agencies that want to offer a differentiated and higher quality service.

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