FluxForce tutorials

Welcome to FluxForce tutorials. In this technological blog you will find articles that will help you configure and get the most out of our Marketing Automation platform, we also provide tips for your company can benefit the most from FluxForce.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging platform designed as a simple, secure, and reliable tool for sending messages. Messaging is essentially private, and the service’s terms and conditions are designed to…
Automation has become a key tool for driving success and efficiency in digital marketing strategies. An automated workflow allows us to optimize and personalize our interactions with customers. It is…
One of the main objectives of our platform is to make clients’ lives easier, so taking advantage of the ability to create unlimited landing pages in all our plans, you…
Importar contactos ilimitados en FluxForce
Managing your leads effectively is crucial. FluxForce greatly facilitates this process by providing the ability to import unlimited contacts quickly and easily across all our plans….
¿Cómo integrar FluxForce y WhatsApp en menos de 1 minuto?
We’ll show you in this article how to integrate FluxForce and WhatsApp in less than 1 minute. In January 2023, two billion users were accessing WhatsApp chat on a monthly…
Integrar FluxForce y Mailrelay para enviar hasta 80 mil emails gratis mensualmente
We explain in this article how to set up your FluxForce account to send up to 80,000 emails for free monthly, using Mailrelay services….

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It does not have an end. You can enjoy FluxForce totally free with our Free Plan.

In other platforms you have a limit of contacts and monthly emails. In FluxForce, this limit does not exist. In all plans you have unlimited contacts and from the Growth plan emails are too.

Not at all, the answer is NO. You can opt for the Free plan without having to enter your card details. We will not charge you ANYTHING.

No limits and no permanence for monthly plans. If you choose the annual plan you will have to pay one year in advance but you will enjoy a 10% discount on the price of the plan.