In the dynamic field of digital marketing, agencies tirelessly seek tools that allow them to significantly increase the efficiency and value their services bring to their clients. This is why more and more agencies are using FluxForce and benefiting from the transformation our platform is bringing to the digital services industry. FluxForce is an All-in-One Marketing Automation platform ideal for digital marketing agencies to achieve their own digital strategy goals or those of their clients. It not only improves the customer experience but also increases business productivity. How to achieve this? We’ll tell you in this article.

1. Include Marketing Automation in your service portfolio

    Before we tell you about the many benefits of offering marketing automation services to your clients, we want to share some statistics that will demonstrate its profitability and growth.

    Market Growth: The global marketing automation market is expected to reach $14.4 billion by 2024.

    Business Adoption: 51% of companies are already using it, and 58% of B2B organizations plan to adopt this technology.

    Marketing Efficiency: More than 20% of marketing professionals allocate at least 40% of their total marketing budget to automation and related technologies.

    These figures clearly indicate that marketing automation is becoming increasingly important and profitable for companies looking to optimize their efforts and increase profitability. Marketing automation is a service that your digital marketing agency must offer; it will expand your service portfolio, help optimize them, and increase your clients’ satisfaction. How to achieve this?

    1.1 Automate multichannel campaigns for your agency and its clients

    With FluxForce, you can create and automate digital campaigns for your clients or your agency very easily. What type of campaigns? You can decide according to each one’s needs and objectives, keeping in mind that our platform allows you to execute Multichannel Digital Marketing Campaigns through Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Forms, and Landing Pages.

    At FluxForce, we have very user-friendly email, landing page, and campaign builders. You have at your disposal numerous resources to create attractive and personalized content: millions of free images, pre-designed templates, and Artificial Intelligence tools. Creating content has never been so easy! Very importantly, you can customize all content, respecting each client’s or your agency’s identity and visual guidelines.

    Depending on the FluxForce plan you have chosen, you can have several campaigns active simultaneously. When creating your workflows, you can execute actions, make decisions, and set conditions, offering endless possibilities to create engaging campaigns that generate a high ROI for your agency or the clients you serve. You can implement campaigns to automate lead nurturing, increase conversion rates, develop loyalty programs, etc. All using the multiple digital channels we make available to your agency and/or clients. Integrating your FluxForce account with WhatsApp, Email, and/or SMS will only take a few minutes.

    1.2 Implement Lead Scoring strategies

    One of the main tasks of marketing agencies is to create and implement strategies to capture and qualify leads in a way that increases their clients’ conversion rates. Lead scoring is essential to maximize the opportunities for won sales. Using FluxForce’s “Points” feature, you can score leads based on their interaction with the campaigns you run. This will help your agency focus on the most promising leads, optimizing time, resources, and ensuring better results for itself and/or its clients.

    1.3 Measure, evaluate, and make informed decisions

    Among the main challenges that marketing agencies face is undoubtedly demonstrating to their clients the efficiency and profitability of digital marketing actions. FluxForce offers real-time metrics of all actions implemented using our system. This allows you to quickly adjust the strategies you carry out and show clients results with concrete data.

    2. Automating sales funnels

    With FluxForce, you can automate your agency’s sales funnel. This will allow you to increase the efficiency of your internal processes. You can manage your sales opportunities, assigning contacts, products, activities, the status of each one, and much more, favoring control, centralization, and increasing the chances of closing successful sales.

    Thanks to our automated segmentation, you can segment your leads/customers more effectively. FluxForce’s Contact Lists make it easy for you, just create one or more of them with filters based on “Sales Opportunities in Progress,” and our platform will add all contacts related to the opportunities according to the stage you selected in the filter. You can use the real-time data provided by our technology to create dynamic segments that reflect lead stage changes within the sales funnel, ensuring the right message reaches the right contact at the right time.

    3. Using FluxForce’s white label to market “your own” marketing automation platform

    Your digital marketing agency can greatly benefit from using FluxForce’s white label and marketing “its own” marketing automation platform. Sell our software to your clients and avoid investing time and money in developing one from scratch. Now you can market “your own” Marketing Automation platform! You can customize your platform’s interface using your agency’s logo, colors, name, and contact details. You’ll also use your company’s own domain, such as This will increase your agency’s revenues by creating a product beyond the services you already provide, opening a new fully automated sales channel available 24/7.

    What other benefits could you gain from using FluxForce as a white label?

    Specialization and experience: You can leverage the full potential of FluxForce without needing to develop similar software.

    Scalability: It will favor your business growth, allowing you to handle a higher volume of sales without compromising quality.

    Using your brand: You can maintain your own brand and reputation while FluxForce operates in the background.

    Access to innovation: Our platform is up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies, making innovation accessible to your agency and its clients.

    Improved conversion and retention rates: Marketing automation is a highly valued tool in the business world, helping your agency improve its conversion and customer retention rates, translating to increased revenue.

    Marketing automation is not just a trend; it is a necessary evolution for digital marketing agencies that want to remain competitive. By adopting our technology, agencies can optimize their resources and digital marketing campaigns, expand their service portfolio, ensuring better results for their clients, and also market “their own” marketing automation platform, guaranteeing sustained growth.

    To enjoy all the benefits of FluxForce, register here.