Under the principles of Inbound Marketing, the victory card in communication campaigns is closely linked to the relationships that are established with customers. Particularly in digital marketing, achieving impactful campaigns is closely associated with the use of marketing automation tools.

Currently, the companies that obtain the best results in terms of lead conversion and return on investment make use of marketing automation. But why bet on artificial intelligence and computer programs for a matter as sensitive as communication? We’re letting you know.

Marketing automation allows personalized communication. From the segmentation of the contact database, more effective message strategies can be drawn up. Filtering, characterizing and defining groups has never been easier than with the tools of automation platforms.

Marketing automation optimizes the work of the sales team and enhances communication between it and the marketing team. Setting common goals and evaluating your progress are two complex tasks that automation makes possible.

Strategies based on these tools significantly reduce the cost of customer acquisition. This reduction translates into obtaining a higher ROI, more efficient strategies require less investment and ensure more positive results. The possibility of including techniques such as lead scoring and lead nurturing make it possible to streamline customer conversion processes and their transit through the purchase funnel. What content to offer? What is the most opportune moment? These are two key questions that marketing automation can help answer in a few clicks.

Finally, one of the most important marketing automation tools is Web Analytics. The data provided by the reports, generated by marketing automation platforms, facilitate a broader understanding of the preferences and needs of leads. Reading this data makes it possible to generate optimized user experiences depending on the user’s position in the purchase process.

Notes for a successful marketing automation strategy

Marketing automation platforms are constantly being improved, but their efficiency is based on a fundamental element, the clarity of the communication strategy behind their use.

Set clear goals and objectives. Where do you want to go with the implementation of automation? What areas will benefit from its application and what growth do you hope to achieve? Answering these questions is essential to determine the best strategy to follow.

Identify the specific needs and problems that you hope to solve with automation. Review your budget and gather all the possible elements to decide what scope you hope to get from the automation.

Is a free plan enough to respond to your needs or will you opt for a growth plan? Remember that these decisions must have a long-term view, evaluating the degree of effectiveness of the automation platform in order to save time and money later.

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Estudy your results monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually. The growth of the company itself will force you to adjust your workflows and your campaigns, the knowledge that you gain from your audiences will also be essential to rethink your initial strategy. Applying marketing automation and undertaking a successful strategy implies accurate knowledge of the company, its potential and objectives, a lot of determination and selecting the most appropriate and reliable platform to support your team.

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