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Now you can sell “your own” Marketing Automation platform! Sell our white label software to your clients and don’t invest time and money developing one for your company.

Use your brand´s colors

Customize our platform with your brand´s colors to match the design guidelines of your brand, so it is consistent with the visuality of the rest of your products and services.

Use your company’s domain

Use your company's domain, for example, and sell your marketing automation platform using our white label software.

Use your company’s logo

Customize the platform interface using your company's logo, colors, name and contact information.

Create your own plans

Customize the names and prices of the plans, add additional services you are interested. You will have a 20% discount on the original FluxForce plans and you can add the fee you want to the price.

For only 300€ per month you will have

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What should you know about sell our software as your own?

You will be able to use FluxForce software without having to pay a high cost to develop it. For only €300 per month, you will have all the features of our Premium Plan for your company and you will become a provider of marketing automation services reselling all our plans with a 20% discount on their original price.

You can customize it with your logo, colors, contact information, your own domain, etc. so that it matches your brand’s design guidelines and is consistent with the rest of your products and services.

You can customize the names of the plans and their prices as you wish, obtaining a 20% discount on the original FluxForce plans and also adding the fee you want on top. For example, if the FluxForce Growth Plan costs €60, you can sell it as a “SME Plan” for €95. So your profit will be €47 per month, after deducting €48 (80% of €60) for FluxForce.

No, you can add your own services to any plan. For example, if your “SME Plan” includes publishing a weekly post on social networks and writing an article a month for your client’s blog, then you could increase the price of your plan to €450 per month instead of the €95 from the previous example, just to give you an example.

No, you will have a new sales channel that is fully automated and available 24/7, which you will have ready to use from day one with a high potential for profitability and scalability.

Nothing, you won’t have to worry or take care of the necessary infrastructure (servers, database, etc.) to sell our software.

Yes, the platform we have developed has an excellent user experience that has been used and validated by hundreds of customers.

FluxForce guarantees you and your clients a support team that will help you when necessary.

No, your clients will be able to use and benefit from the new features that we continue to develop and incorporate into our platform.

Your agency will expand its portfolio of services and will also become an important Marketing Automation platform, standing out above your competition.

Some of the companies that sell our white label