The healthcare sector faces significant challenges; in the last decade, there have been substantial changes in both the habits and needs of patients; who are undoubtedly becoming more demanding and better informed. In this sense, generating trust, credibility, and offering innovative services is a priority for both the public and private sectors. Marketing is essential for this sector because it allows for communicating the benefits and advantages of medical services, educating the population on health issues, generating engagement with patients, and expanding the reach and visibility of medical care. Automation is the key to optimizing marketing strategies, and FluxForce is the ideal platform for implementing them.

Data Centralization and Organization 

The centralization of patient information is a key aspect to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of healthcare services, as it facilitates access to data and the continuity of care. With FluxForce, it is possible to manage an unlimited contact base, and thanks to the functionality of Custom Fields, it is possible to add all the required data from patients, such as personal history, family history, allergies, regular medication, chronic diseases, vaccinations, etc. Likewise, with our platform, healthcare centers can adapt the data they store from their patients to the needs according to the type of services they provide and the medical record they need from each of them.

Data Protection 

A very important issue for healthcare centers is the protection of their patients’ data. This is sensitive information that can affect the privacy, dignity, and well-being of individuals. Our platform complies with all data protection regulations and adopts the necessary measures to ensure it.

Automatic Medical Appointment Confirmations and Reminders 

Considering that healthcare centers receive a considerable volume of requests daily, having our tool take care of confirmations automatically ensures the optimization of time and human resources. 

Moreover, the automation of medical appointment reminders reduces patient no-show rates, as they are reminded in advance of the date, time, and location of their appointment, and a digital channel is provided for confirmation, change, or cancellation. This also improves patient satisfaction and loyalty by offering a more personalized, professional, and timely service, avoiding confusion.

With FluxForce, it’s possible to automate these reminders. Our platform offers various channels for this purpose: WhatsApp, Email, SMS. The choice of the ideal communication channel will depend on the specific characteristics of the healthcare center and the preferences of the patients.

Post-Treatment Follow-Up to Improve Patient Care 

Post-treatment follow-up can vary depending on the type of illness, treatment received, risk of recurrence, and the needs and preferences of the patients. With FluxForce, it’s possible to automate workflows that facilitate interaction with patients. For example, for a patient who has undergone renal treatment, a simple workflow with three emails could be automated. The first with dietary recommendations to follow. The second mentioning the possible adverse effects post-treatment and how to mitigate them. The third discussing the importance of a review, which could include a button allowing them to easily schedule their appointment. Our platform contains a very easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder, so it will be very easy to add and configure a button like the one mentioned. Additionally, with the help of our AI, it’s possible to optimize these CTAs to maximize the results obtained.

Personalization of Communications and Health Recommendations Based on the Patient’s Medical History and Preferences 

For healthcare centers, it is essential to establish a relationship of trust and collaboration with their patients. In this regard, the personalization of communications and health recommendations based on the patient’s medical history and preferences will play a principal role. This way, patients will feel more secure and satisfied with the service and will perceive effective and empathetic communication, indispensable values in this case.

Using our platform, it is very simple to automate these types of messages. To personalize communication, the first step is segmentation. For example, one could create the label “Recent Celiac Patients,” then a contact list that groups all patients with that label, who would be people recently diagnosed with the disease; then, a workflow can be automated that triggers digital communication actions to the members of this list. Among the actions could be the sending of emails with dietary recommendations, special products for people with that condition, medical tests that should be performed regularly, etc.

Campaigns for Education and Promotion of Preventive Health Services and Well-being 

The automation of campaigns for education and promotion of preventive health services and well-being implies an improvement in efficiency by reducing costs, time, and human errors. It allows for increasing the reach and effectiveness of campaigns, as our platform facilitates the segmentation and personalization of messages as already mentioned. Likewise, it favors the bidirectional communication so important for this sector, as within the campaigns it is possible to automate the sending, for example, of satisfaction surveys to obtain patient feedback, using our forms. In addition, the implementation of these types of campaigns will be fundamental to improve the image of healthcare centers and, therefore, attract new patients.

With FluxForce, it is possible to automate these types of campaigns and also carry out an exhaustive follow-up of their results, which is of vital importance for making informed decisions. Which actions have had the greatest impact? How have patients interacted with each of the actions? Is it necessary to adjust the campaign? These and more questions can be answered thanks to the metrics provided by our platform.

Our platform is indispensable for healthcare centers that want to maintain empathetic and close communication with their patients, values that are undoubtedly highly appreciated in that sector. Using our platform represents added value for healthcare centers and the key to being more competitive and differentiating themselves from their competition.

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