Inbound marketing is focused on the customer and the search for the most optimal way to attract them to your brand. In other words, it’s a person-centered approach to creating a positive, personalized experience throughout the sales cycle, not only at the purchase moment.

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Inbound marketing aims to create content and messages that are in tune with people’s needs. Unlike outbound marketing, which is focused on the product/service and mass communication, inbound marketing prioritizes the customer and seeks to reach them in a more personalized way.

Its intention is to attract, involve the client, and satisfy their needs from a non-intrusive and accompanying perspective. With this approach, consumers don’t feel that the objective is to get sales.

Its strategy favors channels like digital media, social media, blogs, web ads, downloadable content, among others. These platforms allow a greater individualization of the contents, from the segmentation of the audiences it is possible to be more selective and efficient in terms of which channel is most effective in each audience segment.

This empowerment of digital channels is essential to support its customer-centric approach. Digital media allow a much more direct interaction with the buyer based on his comments and reactions.

The data obtained from this exchange makes it possible to get to know the audience better, to segment it based on much more filtered indicators and to learn from their experiences and needs. Inbound marketing allows you to make unique measurements and obtain valuable data that is reverted to a much more refined and accurate communication strategy.

” Attract customers by generating traffic on your digital channels, offering them relevant content at the right time. Interact with them, convert them into a lead through messages, forms and targeted online communication. Once the client has been achieved, it is time to keep it, continue to strengthen that relationship to turn them into prescribers and transform sales into recommendations.

To develop a successful inbound marketing strategy, the key lies in the coordination between the commercial and marketing areas.

It is essential to achieve integration among all actions according to the information collected and the established segments. For this you will need support tools in order to have an integrated approach to digital communication. Explore FluxForce and find out how we can help you develop a successful inbound marketing strategy.

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