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Welcome to our Marketing Automation Blog. In this technology blog you can find articles that will keep you updated on the latest topics about Marketing Automation, as well as tips so you can get the most out of the FluxForce platform.

up y cross sell
In a complex and highly competitive digital marketing landscape, maximizing sales is not only about acquiring new customers but also about retaining those who have already purchased your product/service and…
Branding is one of the fundamental concepts in the world of marketing and plays a crucial role in a company’s success in the market. It is an essential strategy for…
retención de clientes
Client retention is one of the cornerstones in the marketing strategies of any business. Keeping existing clients satisfied and engaged with your brand is essential for long-term growth. Marketing automation can…
When it comes to digital marketing campaigns, measuring and optimizing every step of your strategy is essential for achieving success. CTOR, or Click-to-Open Rate, provides valuable information about the effectiveness…
Trucos para escribir
The ability to capture reader’s attention from the very beginning is a precious skill and one of the key elements for successful digital communication. People on the internet often have…
automatizar solicitudes de clientes
Marketing automation is a methodology that involves using software to automate all processes derived from a digital marketing strategy. Its purpose is to help companies execute their marketing actions in…

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