Hours and hours of work dedicated to target segmentation and characterization… It may seem silly, but it is one of the most profitable investments you can make in terms of communication and customer service.

30 years ago, the products and audiences were quite standardized, in the middle of 2022 the markets are increasingly competitive and the media map is expanding.

Faced with this reality, knowing your audiences, their habits, what language reaches them best, what messages and media are most attractive to them, what needs they seek to satisfy, what emotions engage them is the way to manage communication with efficiency and precision.

Answering these questions will allow you to rigorously segment your audiences. Collecting all that information in a platform like FluxForce will ensure you get the most out of all that data.

  • FluxForce helps organize information to offer an optimized experience for your leads.
  • Manage your contacts without limit, you can enter as many as you need. Whether you are a global company or a startup, you can work on your list with no limits.
  • Support the nutrition of your database. FluxForce puts at your disposal tools, such as forms and landing pages, to capture leads and obtain valuable data to later convert them into customers.
  • It allows segmenting, grouping leads by sociodemographic and behavioral criteria and then directing messages with the most efficient tone, content and criteria according to each segment.
  • Use lists to segment which phase of the purchase funnel the customer is in and therefore discern which strategy you should use. Automatically and dynamically, contacts move from one list to another, according to whether or not they meet the criteria you establish. For example, customers who have not purchased your product/service in the last 6 months can be automatically moved to a list with a special workflow with reminder or deletion messages.

Strategically working your base of contacts is essential to increase the reach of your company and its growth. Connecting with audiences, interacting with them and obtaining information is essential, not only for sales, but also for the evaluation of your product/service.

From FluxForce we can help you win leads, segment, communicate the right message at the right time and develop successful conversion strategies.

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