FluxForce use cases

FluxForce use cases distributed in articles focused on different types of businesses and taking into account the experience of hundreds of companies that use FluxForce today. They will keep you updated on the latest in Marketing Automation and Sales topics, including specific tips depending on your industry.

FuxForce para agencias de marketing
In the dynamic field of digital marketing, agencies tirelessly seek tools that allow them to significantly increase the efficiency and value their services bring to their clients….
centros de salud
The healthcare sector faces significant challenges; in the last decade, there have been substantial changes in both the habits and needs of patients; who are undoubtedly becoming more demanding and…
The challenges of insurers today are diverse and complex: the digitalization of the sector, environmental and social sustainability, cybersecurity, rising interest rates, emerging risks, changes in consumption habits and customer…
The fitness sector is constantly evolving and encompasses a wide range of activities, products and services aimed at promoting physical well-being and healthy lifestyles. In the last decade, it has…
centros educativos-01
The education sector faces great challenges that involve the participation and commitment of all the actors involved: governments, institutions, teachers, families and students. Among the main problems are the need…
inscripciones a un evento
Events are a powerful tool to generate leads, engagement and boost the sales of a business or company. Managing the call and the registrations for a successful event requires time,…

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