The challenges of insurers today are diverse and complex: the digitalization of the sector, environmental and social sustainability, cybersecurity, rising interest rates, emerging risks, changes in consumption habits and customer loyalty, among others. They have the need to adapt to new trends, technologies and customer demands. In this sense, automation is an essential tool, as it revolutionizes the way these companies connect with their customers and optimize their operations. 

FluxForce is the ideal platform for insurers to implement marketing automation. Our technology helps these companies to drive their digital strategies successfully.

Lead generation using forms and with the support of web tracking 

Using FluxForce’s web tracking, insurers quickly and easily know all the activity that leads visiting their website perform. By tracking clicks, content downloads, filled forms, etc., they identify leads, whom they can nurture with personalized and relevant messages, depending on the stage of the funnel they are in, until they become customers.

Automation of payment reminders and policy expiration dates 

Insurers that use FluxForce optimize their sales processes. Their agents can focus on high-value tasks, while our system takes care of repetitive activities 24/7. 

These companies use workflows to automate communications of vital importance such as payment reminders, policy expiration dates, quote follow-ups, and scheduling meetings with customers, among others. For sending these communications, they have very effective channels, such as Email, SMS and WhatsApp; the choice will depend on the characteristics and preferences of the company and its customers. 

In the specific case of emails, the platform provides them with pre-designed templates that can be customized according to the visual identity of the insurer and its objectives. Likewise, there are millions of free images available and it is possible to optimize texts, CTAs, and create personalized images using our AI, making it very easy to create attractive and valuable content.

Personalization of insurance offers based on the customer’s profile and needs

Thanks to automated segmentation, these companies can send specific messages according to the stage of the funnel in which each lead, prospect and/or customer is. Using FluxForce’s Contact Lists, this task becomes very simple by being able to segment automatically taking into account product types, customer age, geographic location, diseases, etc. 

Segmentation facilitates personalization, so it is possible to send insurance offers based on the needs and profile of each lead and/or customer. For example, a customer who has just bought car insurance could automatically receive information about life insurance related to traffic accidents.

Follow-up and loyalty campaigns to improve customer retention 

Follow-up and loyalty campaigns are very important for insurers because they allow them to maintain a close and lasting relationship with their customers, which translates into greater satisfaction, trust and loyalty. These factors influence the decision of customers to renew their policies, hire new services or recommend the company. Another advantage of these campaigns is that insurers can save on the cost of acquiring new customers, which is usually higher than retaining those they already have.

With FluxForce it is very easy to implement campaigns in an automated way using our payment plans. You can have several active at the same time, which may or may not be related to each other and pursue different objectives. We have a very friendly campaign builder, which allows you to make various decisions, set conditions and execute a large number of different actions. 

In this way, it is possible to send in a totally automated way: content that addresses doubts, complaints and claims from customers efficiently; periodic communications with relevant information, tips, product news, offers, promotions, etc. to generate value and maintain the interest and attention of customers. It is also possible to send satisfaction surveys, with the aim of receiving feedback and using that information to improve the service. 

Insurers also execute their loyalty programs in an automated way. For this they benefit from our Lead Scoring tool, with which they can reward customers for their loyalty with discounts, benefits, gifts, etc., that encourage renewal and repurchase. 

Without a doubt, marketing automation is an essential tool for insurers and FluxForce positions itself as the ideal platform to implement it; as it allows them to improve the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and stay competitive in a constantly changing digital world.

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