We all know the success of WhatsApp, the most famous messaging platform on the entire planet. In its business version, it now has more than 5 billion users, with features for companies such as quick responses, labels, chat filters.

One of the great values ​​of marketing automation platforms, such as FluxForce, is their ability to manage multi-channel campaigns and its contribution to reach the customer through different contact channels. Among them, WhatsApp.

How does it benefit your company to include this channel in your digital marketing campaigns?

WhatsApp brings new business opportunities, companies with a B2B business model have one of their most prominent channels on the mobile platform. Events, conferences, business meetings, demonstrations are some of the functionalities most exploited today.

It is a super efficient channel in content distribution. Newsletters, blog posts, emails, personalized advertisements, and promotions can be shared by this platform, which is ideal to attract attention and send reminders.

It is an effective customer service channel. It allows instant interaction for the management of queries, questions, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction levels.

It is a powerful tool for post-sale follow-up as well as for up-sell and cross-sell strategies. The personalization of communication that this mobile platform allows, as well as its inclusion in campaign workflows, is great for building closeness and customer loyalty once the purchase is made.

FluxForce allows you to save time, better interact with your audience and distribute important content such as offers, new products, etc. from the integration of Whatsapp to your ALL IN ONE platform.

Based on years of experience in digital marketing and the study of trends and habits of consumption and use of digital media, FluxForce has designed workflows that simplify campaign management and lead capture and follow-up processes.

From a single platform you will be able to manage clients, send replies, send reminders, and trigger communication processes that include the mobile app as one of its most efficient channels.

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