A Workflow is a work process, it refers to activities that a company develops following certain steps, stages and hierarchies.

In marketing, it refers to the follow-up given to leads and customers to guide them through the purchasing funnel and optimize the sales process.

From marketing automation, a series of automatic actions are designed, which are triggered from a user action, and programmed referencing their contact information, their habits, behavior, and their place in the sales process.

FluxForce allows you to create and execute workflows, based on your strategy or using the hundreds of pre-built templates it has.

How do FluxForce workflows make your work easier?

  • More efficient interaction with customers. Workflows allow for greater closeness and personalization of communication with the client. For example, with the opening of an email, a workflow can be triggered to guide the client  towards the purchase, even give them post-sale support.
  • Sending accuracy. A properly designed workflow will send relevant content at the right time. Starting precisely from its foundation in the segmentation of the targets and their behaviors, each part of the process happens according to the needs and interests of the client.
  • Enhancement of team productivity. The more extensive your database is, the more complex the digital communication work will be. The key is to carry out a meticulous segmentation of the contacts, the rest is left to the marketing automation platform. FluxForce takes care of the automatic sending of the entire message chain based on the actions of the clients. For example, a customer who has already made a purchase may receive a thank you email, a satisfaction survey, or a WhatsApp message with a special offer.
  • Content customization. Information that is more segmented and better directed to the characteristics of each lead or client, FluxForce workflows allow you to personalize the content by triggering as many variants as you want and reach the client more closely and efficiently.

In conclusion, workflows make your work and your customer service tasks easier, save your team time and effort, allowing them to focus on more complex and important tasks, shorten the purchasing cycle from customer support, and allow a closer and more individualized relationship and interaction with the target.

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