The restaurant sector is one of the most competitive and demanding in the market. Customers look for unique, quality and personalized gastronomic experiences. More and more, restaurants need to implement marketing strategies that allow them to attract new customers, retain existing ones and stand out from the competition. How to optimize the results, saving time and resources? Using FluxForce, the technological solution that facilitates and automates your digital marketing tasks. Our platform is a key tool to optimize the relationship of restaurants with their customers. 

In FluxForce you will find many ideal functionalities to be used by restaurants, from the creation of landing pages to the sending of multichannel digital marketing campaigns. You will be able to program and execute actions in an automated way, without the need of a person to take care of them, and adapt them according to the data and behavior of your customers. 

What actions could you do? With FluxForce you have millions of possibilities, everything will depend on the objectives you set. It will be very beneficial for you to draw a strategy to achieve them, in this article we tell you step by step how to develop a digital marketing strategy automated.  

Some of the actions that restaurants that use our platform do: 

Automatic sending of the menu of the day or week to regular customers or subscribers to their newsletter 

One of the most frequent queries that restaurants receive is about their menu of the day or week, depending on their characteristics. For this reason, being able to send it in an automated way, either attached in an email or sending the link of it through WhatsApp, is one of the functionalities of FluxForce that restaurants appreciate the most. This action not only allows them to keep their customers informed in a fast and simple way, but also helps them to generate interest, expectation and higher sales. 

Automated segmentation of contact lists 

Contact segmentation consists of dividing the general list you have into smaller groups with similar characteristics. In the case of restaurants this practice is essential. With FluxForce, restaurants can segment their contacts in an automated way and adapt their messages and offers to specific groups of them, creating a deeper and more personalized connection. This segmentation allows them to design relevant offers and promotions for each segment. 

Segmentation also has a tangible impact on the customer experience. By receiving messages and offers that align with their preferences and behaviors, customers feel more valued and understood. 

Some key criteria for segmentation in the case of restaurants can be: food preferences, time preferences (lunch/dinner), habits and behaviors, for example, customers who opt for executive breakfasts for business meetings, customers who prefer brunch and happy hours to socialize with friends, dinners as a couple, family dinners etc. 

Automated sending of offers and recommendations, based on segmentation by food preferences 

For restaurants, establishing a solid relationship with their customers is one of the main strategies to maximize their sales. FluxForce allows them to send offers and personalized recommendations according to preferences and eating habits in an automated way. For this they will have several channels (Emails, WhatsApp, SMS). They can use them all or choose the one that suits them best.

With our platform, you can schedule the simultaneous sending without human intervention of offers to each segment of customers: a vegan menu, Italian food, the dessert of the week, buffet recommendations for an event, novelties on the menu, etc. These are just some examples, the possibilities are endless and depend on the target and objectives of each restaurant. Results? Personalized and timely messages allow your marketing campaigns to be more effective and, therefore, your return on investment (ROI) to be higher. The ability to offer personalized experiences is a key differentiator. 

Automated workflows to send customers special offers by seasons, for their birthdays, to promote special events, etc. 

Restaurants have a lot of potential to take advantage of, from festive dates to thematic events, there are many actions they can develop to boost their sales. Sending personalized and tailored offers to the needs and preferences of customers, allows to encourage consumption, generate more income, as well as differentiate themselves from the competition and improve their reputation. 

Restaurants that use FluxForce use automated workflows to send their customers special offers, congratulatory messages or discount coupons for their birthdays, as well as promote special events with our tool, to name just a few examples. In these workflows they use pre-designed content that our platform offers and personalize them very easily with the help of FluxForce’s artificial intelligence (AI). 

Implementation of Lead Scoring strategies and automation of loyalty programs 

For restaurants, creating an emotional bond and a relationship of trust and loyalty with their customers is paramount. Using FluxForce, they can implement Lead Scoring strategies by automatically assigning points to each lead, according to their profile, behavior and level of interest in the restaurant. In this way they can focus their efforts on the leads that are most likely to become customers. In addition, it helps them to determine who their VIP customers are, as well as to develop and automate loyalty programs for them. 

These are just some of the actions that restaurants that use our technology to automate their digital marketing campaigns carry out. Our platform helps restaurants to offer their customers a unique, quality and personalized experience. If you have any doubts about how FluxForce can help your restaurant, contact us.

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