The education sector faces great challenges that involve the participation and commitment of all the actors involved: governments, institutions, teachers, families and students. Among the main problems are the need to guarantee a quality education that meets the basic learning needs of all people and the adaptation to the digital revolution, that is, the incorporation of new technologies in the educational process. In this sense, automation plays a leading role and FluxForce positions itself as the ideal platform to implement it.

How does FluxForce help educational centers optimize their relationship with their different audiences?

Optimization of registrations

The optimization of registrations is very important for educational centers because it allows them to attract and retain students, plan and manage human and material resources more efficiently and improve the functioning of the center in general.

Using FluxForce it is possible to create and integrate a form to a landing page, or to a page on your website, that facilitates registrations to the center and / or to different courses or academic events. All the people who fill out the form will automatically go to the contact base in the center’s FluxForce. Also automatically, all contacts will be added to different lists according to the filters that have been created for each one, which will allow the sending of personalized information according to the characteristics and needs of the students. For example, they could have a list for New Entries, another for Continuants and another for Promoted.

With our platform it is also possible to configure automated workflows that send reminders with the registration dates for the different levels of education. You can choose the most suitable channel to share this information, which will depend on the characteristics of the center and the preferences of the students and / or family members. In addition, it is possible to send the necessary documentation attached in an email using the DOCUMENTS tool of FluxForce, which allows storing all the documentation that needs to be sent to the students.

Post-registration follow-up

For educational centers, post-registration follow-up is very important, as it is a fundamental stage to retain students and their families. Using FluxForce it is possible to automate workflows to send details of the different courses, academic guidance and class schedules. Also to provide information on extracurricular activities and send details about everything that will happen in the academic period.

Automated educational content send

As mentioned, with FluxForce it is possible to automate workflows. For their creation, we have various resources and tools available such as Landing Pages, Emails, WhatsApp, among others. We have a very user friendly drag and drop email and landing page builder, we have millions of free images and AI tools that allow the optimization of texts, CTAs and the creation of personalized images. All these resources facilitate the creation of attractive educational content to be used in automated workflows.

Thanks to the benefits of automated segmentation, it is possible to group contacts according to different criteria, for example, year of study, educational interests, preferences. With this information it is possible to generate automated campaigns that send content to students according to their areas of interest, for example: event suggestions, literature on topics related to their preferences, recommendations for extracurricular activities, study guides, infographics, tips for exams, informative videos, among other educational content. Personalizing each of the different information that is sent to a student according to their tastes and preferences, is key to always keep their interest active.

Call for academic events

Educational centers have many events of different modalities throughout the school period: academic, cultural, sports, etc. With our platform it is very easy to manage an event successfully. FluxForce allows you to launch multichannel campaigns to promote events and maximize participation. Manage and automate registrations, send relevant information about the event and do a post-event follow-up that will allow you to evaluate the results.

Automated workflows to maintain communication with parents and / or legal guardians

For educational centers for children and adolescents, it is vital to maintain communication with parents and / or legal guardians. This allows them to keep them informed about the academic progress of their children. It also allows to improve the quality of education and promotes the participation and collaboration of the family in school life, which has a very positive impact on improving school performance.

FluxForce also facilitates the sending of certain information, for example, the grades of the different subjects, comparison of academic performance between different periods, tips to promote positive study habits, among others.

Using our platform, you could also automate the sending of satisfaction surveys to obtain feedback from family members about the center. In this way it is possible to identify strengths and points of improvement.

Our platform is an indispensable tool for educational centers to adapt to the new trends and changes in the sector. At the same time, it helps them optimize their performance and, therefore, increase their competitiveness.

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