Do you know this tool? Does it seem very complex? Let us tell you how Lead Scoring can help you better shape your digital marketing actions and how FluxForce has incorporated it.

Nothing can be left to chance in marketing. Each piece of information is important and can be the key to a successful strategy. Getting the most out of lead information can make all the difference in growing your business.

Collecting the data is not the most complex issue, the tricky part tends to be processing it and classifying potential customers. Like almost everything related to marketing automation, the solution can be found in our All-In-One platform.

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is the process of classifying your prospects, assigning them often numerical values, according to various attributes that you would have defined previously. These indicators according to which you will qualify them can be their geographical location, their age range, their professional information, the way in which they have reached the site, how they interact with your company or brand, etc.

Subsequently, the client’s own interaction with your website and with the information that you share will allow you to establish other value indicators to continue segmenting and targeting your actions.

Each company defines its valuation and scoring model, generally it is closely related to the buyer personas that have been characterized beforehand and that allow defining those leads that are most likely to buy your product/service.

How does using lead scoring in FluxForce benefit your company?

  • Lead scoring allows for a faster and more objective analysis, which favors a more expeditious integration with the sales department. The lead that has high qualifications and is ready to move on to a more advanced phase and close to the purchase goes directly to the sales department.
  • This points system helps your sales and marketing team to be more efficient, prioritizing leads and focusing their efforts on those prospects with the best chances of making a purchase. This translates into a higher customer conversion rate.
  • It makes it possible to design and apply more efficient strategies, less dispersed based on a more precise segmentation.
  • It allows generating a more adequate and coherent interaction with the profile and interests of the future client.

How to automate actions from Lead Scoring?

FluxForce allows you to create Triggers, that is, define conditions under which actions will be executed for the contact and points will be assigned or adjusted based on predefined events. You can define the conditions, values, and indicators according to your objectives and the characteristics that you have defined for your buyer persona.

From the activators you will be able to execute an infinite number of actions such as:

  • Adjust the campaign(s) the contact is receiving based on the score they are receiving for their information and actions.
  • Transfer the lead within the CRM, according to its place in the purchase funnel.
  • Adjust the segmentation of your contacts, moving the lead, incorporating it or removing it from a list or segment.

In conclusion, Lead Scoring will allow you to define the proximity of a lead to your buyer persona and the interest and involvement that they have shown in your products/services during a campaign. Using this powerful FluxForce tool in your company will provide you with a series of competitive advantages to increase your conversions.

Start using Lead Scoring today.