Grow fast, impact the public and the market and do it with the least expense. Impossible? No. Difficult? A little… Let us talk to you about Growth Hacking.

Ideal for startups and small businesses, Growth Hacking uses creativity and imagination to drive the growth of small start-ups in a highly streamlined way. Its tools accompany the entire product design process, the business model, the search for leads and their conversion.

From communication and digital marketing, growth hacking seeks to discover new ways to acquire users quickly and cheaply. Analyze, test, measure and optimize to multiply the scope and impact and achieve greater profitability and scalability of a product.

Growth Hackers live from metrics and from them they look for strategies to grow. Boost web traffic, stimulate participation and interaction with the community on social networks and generate more and more conversions from leads to customers.

FluxForce is an ALL IN ONE marketing automation platform, and yes, it can be a partner if you are thinking of implementing Growth Hacking in your company.

  • There are no limits on importing contacts, from 1 to infinity, FluxForce allows you to enter as many contacts as you want into your account. This is essential if you are in a market exploration phase and trying to capture as much information as possible.
  • The ability to segment and reorder your database, locate labels, segment your database in detail based on the actions and decisions of your leads and customers. Establish the criteria of your interest in order to create increasingly particular and personalized segments.
  • Obtain performance and activity reports, how customers behave, what decisions they make, what are the trends in the consumption of the information you are sending them, in which phase of the purchase process they are. Our reports answer these and other questions. Reading and analyzing them offers you essential data for decision-making and the implementation of future strategies.
  • Perform A/B Tests, trial and error. Growth Hacking uses experimentation and testing to figure out the most optimal ways to drive company growth. FluxForce allows you to A/B test to identify the most effective approaches, actions, and positioning.

Free and Starter Plans. If you are starting your company and there are few funds for investment in the sales and marketing area, you have two allies that can help you a lot! Growth hacking will tell you what to do to grow with discreet investments in digital marketing. FluxForce has designed a FREE plan and a Starter plan with excellent tools to guide your growth strategy at a very low price or even for free.

To enjoy all the benefits of FluxForce, register here.