A Call to Action (CTA) is a word, phrase, image, button that invites the user to complete an action to get something in return, it can be valuable content, a coupon, an offer, visiting a landing page, etc.

A CTA can involve actions such as subscribing to a newsletter, accessing a webinar, downloading informative or educational material, etc. in exchange for obtaining that user’s contact information and triggering actions to generate and then convert leads.

Placing CTAs is not an easy matter, it may seem like it, but something as simple as a phrase or button must be strategically placed to achieve the desired effect.

From our experience it is important to place Calls to Action on all pages of your website. Without appearing anxious or overwhelming the user, it is key to guide them through the site and offer actions based on where they are in their approach to your product or service.

The homepage will always be the most visited page, so it should have the most important CTAs on your website, with the aim of generating traffic to other pages, such as those of products/services, which when visited will serve to identify users who are interested in knowing more about what you sell and therefore are more advanced in the sales process. These pages then require more specific CTAs, for example, access to a free trial, 1:1 consulting, etc.

Blogs are another support that needs to include CTAs. Both on the main page of the blog and in the articles you generate, always make sure to include access to download content, review new offers, benefits, access your website, hire a service, follow you on social networks, etc.

Email marketing also includes CTAs as an essential part of its structure. These calls to action will logically be related to the subject of the email and its intention. It is recommended to include two or three CTAs in each email, the first one right at the beginning, within the first few lines of text.

Another essential space where one should locate CTAs is social media. Interaction on these platforms is crucial to generate reach and strengthen relationships with the community. Ask them for something. A comment, a rating, a survey.

The footer of your email is also valid! As simple as it may seem, this space is widely used to locate Calls to Action. Invite your recipients to visit your site, to follow you on social media, to subscribe to a newsletter, to visit your latest blog post, etc.

Finally, it is essential to highlight your CTAs above the rest of the text on your site or your article. The color, size and text itself are some of the ways to capture the attention of the visitors and highlight it within the block of text and images.

Calls to action are a key resource for generating leads and driving incoming website traffic towards conversion. In other media such as emails and blog articles, they attract the attention of the lead to take the next step in the customer conversion process. Optimizing your marketing strategy and maximizing your conversions also involves using this tool intelligently.

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