A landing page is what we call those “destination” or “landing” pages the user normally arrives after clicking on a link or a CTA (Call-to-Action) from another page, email, WhatsApp message, etc.

There are two essential types of landing pages. Those used for capturing leads, focused on obtaining new potential clients and that usually offer downloadable material of interest that can only be accessed by filling out a form. Basically, we offer content that seduces the user, and in exchange the user leaves information which will allow us to reach them in a personalized way.

Then we have conversion landing pages, which almost always focus on a call to action and help us take the customer to the next step in the sales funnel.

” In FluxForce you can create, in only minutes, professional landing pages. Our platform has prebuilt templates with a variety of themes and that are adaptable to any device: offers, forms, downloads, CTAs.

The design process is very simple. Once you have selected the most appropriate template for your goals and target, you can customize the content and branding with a simple menu system and drag and drop.

Then you will have the option to preview your page and make sure that all the elements are correct. When you’re ready, go public and watch how you start gaining leads! Explore them here and exploit your conversion strategy.

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