Can you imagine your marketing team working with meticulously segmented audiences, personalized workflows and in a work space that integrates all the online marketing tools? Don’t imagine it, in FluxForce we have these and many other perks of Marketing Automation!

The automation of digital marketing actions is designed to help companies to optimize the workload in this field and support commercial management. This automation leads to the use of software that assumes the execution of all the processes derived from a digital marketing strategy, such as campaign management, client segmentation, workflows generation, etc.

FluxForce is an “all in one” platform, which essentially integrates tools to develop and monitor all your digital marketing actions from a single place.

6 Benefits of using marketing automation:

  • It promotes greater integration between sales and marketing teams, supporting the management of leads during the sales cycle and their journey through the purchase funnel.
  • It increases the agility and efficiency of your digital campaigns and generates new sales opportunities from the unlimited management of contacts and customer segments.
  • It allows you to segment and communicate in a personalized way based on different criteria which facilitates interaction and creates engagement with the customer. This segmentation process will allow you to reach each one more effectively according to their needs, preferences, and stage of the sales cycle they are in.
  •  It reduces the chances of failure. The programming of actions and automatic management reduces the possibility of human error.
  • It achieves greater customer satisfaction and retention. The customer receives the right information at the right time. Optimize time and organize your team much better through automation. It is possible to program isolated actions or a complete campaign. FluxForce contains numerous predesigned campaign and workflow templates grouped by theme and sector.

” FluxForce is a platform that offers you strategic tools for your marketing activity. It focuses on enabling the execution of digital marketing actions based on solutions that optimize your time and resources. If you have doubts, access our platform and try it for free.

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