Landing pages are vital to convert users into final customers. They generally use attractive or relevant information to obtain users data that will later help you deploy more efficient digital campaigns. They are an invaluable ally to guide the user through the customer funnel.

Has it happened to you that you invest in the creation of landing pages and your conversion rate doesn’t grow? You may be making some mistakes in your customization.

At FluxForce we have years of experience optimizing these processes. Here are some tips for your landing pages to help you convert users into final customers. Take note!

  • Be direct, write clearly, following the tone of your brand, communicate with precision and emotion to generate expectation in the user, be true to your identity. A trick: present the information in list form.
  • Offer valuable content. Whether it is an offer or a download, access to new options always rewards with content relevant to the user and that will motivate them to complete the process that has been triggered.
  • In the forms, always use an adequate number of fields. Do not inconvenience  the user by asking for an exaggerated amount of data. This will only make them feel overwhelmed and intimidated and possibly just leave without completing it. If you want to build a lasting relationship, in the future you can apply other actions to obtain more information. 
  • Avoid placing menus and other links within the landing page. Locate only specific information and you will prevent the user from being distracted from your goal and taking the wrong path. Do not give them too many options.
  • Add icons to share on social media, with this you make it easier for the user to share the content if they find it interesting and reach more people.

” FluxForce has many prebuilt and optimized templates following these good practices. Explore them and discover the one that best suits your needs.

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