We find ourselves in the era of data and artificial intelligence, where personalization, user targeting, and efficiency are imperatives in digital marketing. The automation of this activity becomes a fundamental pillar for optimizing companies’ results.

Within the arsenal of tools that FluxForce provides, there is a key functionality for implementing campaigns better adapted to your business model: custom fields. These stand out for their value in articulating deep personalization and more meaningful interaction with your customers.

In this article, we will explore why custom fields are essential for increasing the success of your campaigns and how they impact the building of strong relationships with your customers.

What are FluxForce’s custom fields?

Custom fields are defined as specific data incorporated into the profiles of your contacts with the aim of having a broader characterization of them. While the FluxForce platform has a default set of data to collect from contacts, using custom fields allows you to personalize the information you gather from your leads even more.

These fields go beyond generic information that you may need from all your leads, allowing the collection of specific and relevant data for your company. Through them, it is possible to obtain strategic and vital information for the sector in which you operate.

What benefits does working with custom fields bring you?

Custom fields will help you build a very comprehensive description of your contacts, always in line with the sector and the activity you perform. Beyond general, professional, contact, and sociodemographic information, you can delve into more specific aspects: contract signing dates, musical preferences, contracted plans, favorite products, wedding anniversaries, favorite literary genres, educational interests, favorite color, etc.

The functionality of custom fields allows us to adjust our platform to the specific information needs of each business and therefore derive much greater value from it. With the use of custom fields, it is possible to customize FluxForce to the point where it becomes a platform tailored to the needs and goals of your business.

Let’s think, for example, of a beauty salon. How great would it be to collect relevant information for its activity? The client’s hair type, the type of cut and color design they have, the date of the next appointment… the possibilities for campaigns would be endless: product and treatment recommendations based on hair type, reminder of the next appointment, new trends based on the style they are interested in, etc.

Audience segmentation, the backbone of any effective marketing strategy, is highly benefited by custom fields. Naturally, with the acquisition of more detailed information, it is possible to refine leads and create more specific and homogeneous segments. Smarter segmentation leads to more efficient campaigns and, therefore, an increase in the conversion rate.

Having a deeper description of your contact multiplies the opportunities for strategies and campaigns. Knowing your target better will allow you to identify with greater skill the best approach to your communication, the products or services that your leads may be most interested in, the pain points they have, the right time to establish interaction, etc. With more personalized and timely message delivery, your campaign will have a greater reach and increased effectiveness.

The information obtained through custom fields will also help improve the customer experience. From a deeper understanding, you can refine your lead nurturing strategies and the content you provide while guiding and accompanying them through the sales funnel.

Finally, the use of custom fields will allow you to, based on more efficient segmentation and the optimization of your campaigns, simplify processes and stimulate your team’s productivity. More personalized communication is always more effective, and when accompanied by automation, it is a formula for success to save time, gain efficiency, and stimulate creativity.

The strategic incorporation of custom fields into your FluxForce account will not only enrich your understanding of customers but also transform campaign execution into a highly adaptive and effective experience. From segmentation to message customization and the improvement of the customer experience, the use of this functionality positions itself as an indispensable tool for companies looking to stand out in each sector.

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