In the business world, efficiency and resource optimization are key to success. Consultants, who offer expert advice to companies and entrepreneurs, are no exception. In this sense, having a marketing automation platform like FluxForce, becomes a powerful tool that can transform the way these businesses attract and retain their customers.

How to manage the relationship with your customers efficiently using FluxForce?

Unlimited contacts, segmentation and classification 

Whether manually, through automated forms or by import, FluxForce allows consultants to create a database with unlimited contacts. These contacts can be segmented into different lists automatically, based on filters that are defined for each one. That is, a consultant will not have to manually add to a list their clients from Madrid and in another those from Bogotá, for example, it will be enough to create two lists, one with a filter that is “city field of the contact equal to Madrid” and another with filter “city field of the contact equal to Bogotá”. Automatically FluxForce will add to each list all the contacts that meet these conditions. This will happen with all the contacts that you currently have and also for all the new ones that you create in the future in your FluxForce account.

Increase in operational efficiency 

The automation of repetitive processes is a driving force for the team, as it allows them to dedicate themselves to higher value tasks. By delegating these routine activities to FluxForce, a very important time is freed up that human resources can invest in strategic planning and key decision making, which in turn drives innovation and business growth.


With FluxForce, consultants can automate various processes. Here are some of them: Automated sending of updates and relevant resources (technological advances, new regulations, etc.). Automation of the promotion of courses, trainings and virtual events, registration, reminders and follow-up of these. Configuration of automatic alerts to notify customers when there is new relevant material available (articles, reports, summaries, etc.).

Pre-designed content and artificial intelligence 

Having attractive content, being able to edit and customize it easily is vital to save time and resources. Using FluxForce they have access to pre-designed templates that they can edit very easily using our drag & drop builder. Without the need to invest in photography, they have millions of free images at their disposal. In addition, using the artificial intelligence (AI) of our platform, they will be able to personalize and create texts, calls to actions, titles and images. 

Personalized communication 

The possibility of executing automated multichannel campaigns very efficiently, totally personalized according to the stage in which each lead is within the sales funnel, is essential to increase sales opportunities. 

Analysis, measurement and continuous improvement 

From the control panel of our platform, consultants have access to the statistics of all the activity carried out. They can use different widgets to customize the data they want to consult, which are essential to analyze the impact of the marketing actions they have carried out using FluxForce and to support them in decision making.

Web tracking 

For a consultant, it is very important to know the actions and behaviors of their clients within their website. FluxForce allows them to keep a detailed control of all this information through web tracking, a fundamental functionality that allows them to understand and improve the interaction with their clients in the digital environment. It allows them to make a more efficient management of marketing resources and contributes significantly to the success of online strategies. 

Marketing automation is not just a trend; it is a necessity for consultants who want to stay competitive in an increasingly digitalized market. By adopting our technology, consultants achieve improved efficiency, personalized and automated communication, and increased profitability.

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