Customer Relationship Management, or simply CRM, is the tool that will make it incredibly easy for you to follow up and interact with your customers. Then, how does a CRM software benefit you?

A CRM is a software that allows companies to track every exchange with users, leads and current customers, from names to phone calls, emails, interaction with customer support teams, etc.

CRM, your best ally in customer management

This software optimizes the client-company relationship, allows you to automate tasks in areas such as marketing, sales and customer service, and provides data that will later make it possible to know in depth how to improve the business and satisfy the real demands of the clients.

The CRM is capable of organizing the data (socio-demographic, behaviors, preferences, etc.) of your leads throughout their purchase journey, from the moment they access the website until the purchase is completed.

Working with a CRM facilitates the automation of repetitive tasks, which lightens the load on the team and allows a more efficient use of time. Marketing and sales teams find CRM systems an ideal ally to ensure that the best qualified leads reach the sales team. This is key to developing a strong relationship between both departments.

The data that working with a CRM platform will provide you will help you develop more effective and personalized sales strategies, as well as maintain efficient communication throughout the customer journey.

What applications does it have in each area of ​​the company?

In terms of marketing, data is gold, for the most global strategies as much as for the most specific campaigns. With the use of CRM software, it is possible to automate the collection and analysis of data to obtain a comprehensive view of your target audience.

In addition, it makes it easy for marketing teams to obtain customer purchase histories, find new opportunities and prospects based on knowledge about current customers, and identify audience preferences and behavior patterns.

Using a CRM system will allow you to focus on the right audience and therefore generate higher conversions.

In the Sales area, CRM is essential to develop business processes in a simpler and more automated way, and increase team productivity.

In this sense, the CRM will allow you to obtain information for decision making and the projection of strategies, while also providing valuable data for the sales executive at the time of the interaction.

It also allows for monitoring the customer throughout the sales cycle, this is vital to know if a lead is ready for purchase, or if they need more information or some type of incentive. CRMs are a super useful tool to get to know and work with customers according to their needs and desires.

In the Customer Service area, the use of CRM is vital to improve their experience, build and strengthen more positive relationships and connections based on more efficient communication, and offer timely responses to customer requests from different communication channels.

A CRM is undoubtedly a vital tool for the development of your digital strategies and the growth of your company. From FluxForce we can help you:

What benefits does the FluxForce platform bring you?

With FluxForce you have the convenience of having several integrated marketing automation and CRM tools in one single place, this will allow you to:

  • Group all the important information about your customers, process it and generate as many segments and groups of contacts as you need.
  • Obtain valuable data in order to refine your vision of the customers, the characteristics of your current audience and the profile of your buyer persona.
  • Promote collaboration between departments and their work capacity, while also favoring the optimization of time thanks to the automation of data processing and analysis actions.
  • Favor the creation and improvement of your digital strategies based on a deeper knowledge of leads and customers, their interests, habits and behaviors.

Manage your customers and track them throughout the purchase process from our All in One Platform.