Marketing automation allows to perform tasks related to a digital marketing strategy in an automated way, so that companies can carry out their marketing actions more quickly and effectively. Currently, more than 40% of companies use some type of automation tool that facilitates the achievement of their business objectives and helps them gradually transform leads into prospects and then into customers. In this sense, FluxForce is consolidated as the ideal tool for companies that want to perfect the way they relate to their customers and increase their sales. 

For companies in the legal sector, using our platform has meant an advance in the way of managing interactions with their customers and attracting new leads. They have increased their operational performance, consolidated the bond with their customers and significantly increased their conversion rate.

How can law firms increase sales using marketing automation?

Lead generation and automated responses 

Law firms receive a large number of emails from the forms on their websites every day. How many of those emails are to request identical budgets? How many of those emails are never answered? How much time does the firm spend manually responding to these emails? The firms that today use FluxForce used more than a quarter of a secretary or assistant’s workday to respond to emails and send pre-prepared quotes. This made them lose hours throughout the week that translated into a lot of money each year. 

Using FluxForce any law firm can automatically send, 24 hours a day, the budgets that their clients request from the forms on their website. Our platform helps them keep their customers informed effectively and optimize the productivity of their human resources.

The efficient management of the requests they receive through the forms on their website is one of the many opportunities that our platform offers them. The automation of these processes prevents the loss of qualified leads and guarantees the obtaining of all the necessary information to guide them within the sales funnel.

Automated segmentation 

The possibility of segmenting automatically is a key functionality of FluxForce. Without a doubt, a correct segmentation is the first step to achieve optimal results in any campaign. Law firms create lists using filters such as the legal services of interest to each of their clients, which they can use later to launch campaigns focused on specific services. 

All the leads that make an inquiry or request through the forms created with FluxForce and integrated to the web of the firms, are automatically registered as a new contact within the account of these companies on the platform. Likewise, each of these contacts will automatically become part of all the lists in which they meet the conditions indicated in the filters of each one.

Optimization of internal processes 

Using the platform, these companies create automated workflows tailored to their specific needs. With this functionality, they have managed to optimize internal processes to make them more efficient. Receiving notifications of contracts about to expire, meeting reminders, to name just a few examples, has allowed them to increase the efficiency of their human capital. Being able to focus on decisive activities, having the total peace of mind that FluxForce takes care of repetitive tasks 24/7, is the best.

Consistent communication with prospects and customers 

For law firms, building a solid relationship with their customers is essential. Providing them with timely and personalized information is essential to achieve successful management with them. Automation ensures consistency in communication, the possibility that each customer receives coherent and accurate information, according to their needs and interests, helps to consolidate a reliable brand image for the business. The firms that automatically send reminders of appointments, documents, contracts, notifications, etc., stand out above their competition and sell more.

Content creation 

All the emails, landing pages, texts, WhatsApp messages, etc., that a law firm needs to send can be created with FluxForce. The platform has a vast repository of pre-designed templates and artificial intelligence (AI) tools that allow you to create and design these contents in just minutes.

Efficient tracking and analysis to optimize results 

Using our platform, companies obtain relevant data and metrics of the activity carried out by all the contacts that receive their campaigns or visit their website, all this in real time. Using all this data, law firms have been able to identify areas for improvement and refinement, profile market segmentation, readjust their strategies and even identify new business opportunities. 

Law firms that use FluxForce today are saving hundreds of hours of work and a lot of money each year by automating many of their processes. Some of the benefits they have obtained are the increase in 23.7% of their sales from services requested on their websites and 100% in the response rate they provide to customers who contact them through that channel.

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