The golden time of the year arrives, the Christmas holidays and all the traditions related with these celebrations: family parties, reunions, gifts. It is a great season for promotions, special offers, discounts, to return to that customer who has not interacted for a long time. Many ideas and so much to do, Christmas and marketing automation, a special pairing.

Apply human to human marketing. At Christmas time, more than ever, it will help you connect emotionally with your leads. Genuine and emotional communications to humanize your brand and connect with the client. Emails, Whatsapp messages and SMS, using FluxForce you can generate personalized campaigns that enhance the feeling of closeness with your client and therefore  the engagement.

If your company works with a B2B business model, a simple congratulatory message can be a great way to connect, strengthen a relationship, and boost your corporate image.

Get ahead of the season. Although Christmas is in December, studies indicate that many people start planning their purchases much earlier, in October, for example. Marketing automation allows you to program the entire sequence of actions of your campaign in addition to returning results reports that will make it possible to adjust and optimize the strategy that you have projected.

Bring back old customers. Take advantage of the database that you have enriched throughout the year, segment and personalize your communications to reach those customers that have already made previous purchases. Working from trust will always be easier.

Make it easy for them to buy. Using email marketing, send reminders, countdowns of the remaining days until the Christmas holidays (it causes a feeling of urgency) accompanied by your offers, discounts or promotions. Include links to offers in all these communications.

Generate landing pages using our platform. They can contain offers and reminders, are ideal for promoting products/services that particularly interest you to guide the lead directly to them.

An optimized Christmas season strategy will bring great benefits not only in regards to  sales, but also for strengthening the relationship with the customer. Christmas is a spectacular time to share brand values, attract new customers, and improve interaction with current ones. Use our All in One platform for this to obtain excellent results!

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