Marketing Automation is key for companies around the world to save time and money. By automating communication and digital marketing processes, time is freed up to devote to strategic tasks. But are you making the most of its potential? If you want to optimize your performance, we recommend these 5 Marketing Automation trends for 2024 that you can use to take your campaigns to a higher level. 

1- Quality data on your target 

This is one of the most important trends. Having relevant information about your target will allow you to make decisions about the design, the call to action and the text of your website, just to mention a few examples. In this way, you will be able to implement optimized campaigns, saving time and costs. The results? Higher conversion rates, which would translate into more sales for your business. How can you incorporate this trend? Using FluxForce you will have the opportunity to create a database with unlimited contacts in any of our plans. You will have a large number of fields to store valuable information from your leads, which you can later use to personalize your campaigns. You can also create other fields adjusted to the info that your company handles. 

2- Personalization 

Every day the desire of customers for companies and brands to offer them personalized experiences, adapted to their expectations, increases. In fact, according to a study by Epsilon, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that sends them a personalized campaign. In this sense, segmentation becomes an essential tool. Directing your actions to specific segments will allow you to send more relevant and consistent messages according to the state in which your leads are within the funnel, which, without a doubt, will increase the performance of your campaigns. With FluxForce you can segment your contact list automatically, taking into account multiple options, behaviors, tastes of your leads, preferences, etc. being able to use all that data to personalize your campaigns. 

3- Omnichannel Marketing 

Currently, customers can interact with your brand through multiple channels. While this variety creates an incredible opportunity for marketing teams to expand their reach, it also poses a challenge. You need to create a smooth and unique experience in your campaigns. For example, if a lead subscribes to your newsletter and then follows you on social networks, they want to see consistent and relevant content on both channels. You can use FluxForce to create and manage omnichannel campaigns that offer a consistent and personalized user experience. From our platform you can use landing pages and forms, as well as send Emails, SMS and WhatsApp messages within the same campaign. 

4- Content optimized for the funnel 

Content is the backbone of your digital marketing strategy. Depending on the stage of the funnel in which your leads are, you will need to offer them different types of optimized content that adapt to their needs and interests. FluxForce allows you to segment and send the most appropriate content according to each stage, you can also create automated workflows to send emails with educational, informative or persuasive objectives depending on the level of awareness and consideration of each lead, in this way you can nurture them and guide them towards conversion. 

5- Artificial intelligence 

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world of marketing, as it allows creating more personalized, relevant and efficient experiences. With it you can optimize a large number of tasks that previously required a lot of time and resources. FluxForce allows you to generate titles and texts, check their grammar and spelling, expand, summarize or rephrase them, as well as adjust their tone according to your target. You will also have the opportunity to create images in a matter of seconds. 

These are 5 of the most important trends that we project for the Marketing Automation industry in 2024. At FluxForce we will be happy to help your company increase its efficiency and continue growing in the new year.

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