With the development of technologies and the metaverse, there are more channels every day that you can exploit in your Digital Marketing campaigns. Among them, email marketing is already a classic, profitable, effective, and increasingly customizable.

But, what happens if you have opted for this channel and you are not getting positive results?

You might be blaming the automation platform you have hired or the communication channel itself. However, it is very possible that you are making some mistakes in the conception and sending of your email marketing campaigns. Find out here what these could be and how to solve them.

  1. Your copies are not attractive, your email is too long, you use technical terms, graphs, walls of text… you can have the best FluxForce plan, but if your text is not original, curated, faithful to the personality of your brand, the results will not be positive. Define topics of interest to your target, and limit yourself only to content that truly adds value to your brand. Always keep in mind to humanize your emails, logically depending on the objective that you have proposed. Be careful with length and language.
  2. You can spend hours writing the perfect message but your emails end up in the spam folder. What to do? Try not using more capital letters than necessary, avoid exclamation marks and, most importantly, do not use words in your subject that trigger the spam filter: subscribe, click, check out this offer, request it below. These terms are easy to spot and will send you straight to the spam folder.
  3. The subject of your email is too long or vague, the customer got so tired reading it that they didn’t even open the email. Keep your subjects short (with no more than 6 words), direct, and engaging. Go to the point. You can appeal to humor, mystery, wordplay, to spark the customer’s curiosity. 
  4. Your mailing lists are not complete or the data and fields are not correctly associated. It is important to dedicate time to reviewing the listings. Make sure the field names correspond to the information they contain, especially if you decide to be closer to the customer and will use the field containing their name as the header of your email.
  5. Your contacts do not open the emails or do not answer your CTAs (Call-to-Action). Do some tests. Don’t wear yourself out sending to an endless list of addresses only to receive more bounces than opening reports. Send your emails in batches of 20-30 addresses, try different schedules and subjects and, if they work, go for them all. FluxForce has options for sending emails by blocks and segments, and it also allows you to do A/B testing and test variants to evaluate which one is more effective.

The key to successful email marketing will always be connecting with your customers, if you are able to provide them with interesting and authentic content, the interaction with your brand will be ensured. FluxForce contains more email templates developed to help you generate a genuine and efficient email.

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