Lead nurturing is essentially about attracting your target, guiding them through the purchase process and positioning your product/service as the best option, all this on the basis of offering them the necessary information that allows the client to make his purchase decision.

It is not about cramming your future clients’ inbox full of emails and newsletters, lead nurturing is about educating, informing, involving and finally converting the prospect into a client.

Keys to Success

  • Set clear goals. From the beginning it is essential to define the goals to achieve, this guideline will allow us to measure later if we are moving in the right direction. Some interesting indicators can be the opening rate, the response to CTAs, the download of documents, etc.
  • Clearly define your buyer persona. To achieve successful communication, the first thing is to know our target, describe them, define their characteristics, their habits and their preferences. The exercise of building a buyer persona is complex but it will help you generate much more efficient strategies.
  • Generate valuable and relevant content. The content that you share with your leads must be authentic but it must also give value to them. From the philosophy of inbound marketing, we learn that it is necessary to know the audience, personalize the content and design it to be easy to understand. An ebook, a guide, an infographic, are some of the most efficient content to obtain the attention and desired information from a lead.
  • Use Marketing Automation platforms. Developing a Lead Nurturing campaign can be a disaster, even impossible, if you don’t have the necessary tools. FluxForce allows you to manage unlimited contacts, design multi-channel workflows adapted to your needs, have pre-designed templates, among other features so that your prospect nurturing process is efficient and successful.

A good Lead Nurturing strategy can have a positive impact on your business. It will help you identify the contacts that are ready to make the purchase, it will allow you to reach those who have not yet decided and it can even help you to recover those who have been lost in the process.

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