Pol Francés

I created my first automated campaign with FluxForce in only 20 minutes. It has pre-designed email and landing pages templates that make your life easier. Unlimited contacts are a differentiating element. Rating 10/10!

Antonio Velez

Our website development sales skyrocketed when we started automating our digital marketing campaigns with FluxForce, being able to have an unlimited number of contacts on the platform has been one of the biggest benefits.

Javier Morejón

Before working with FluxForce, our agency spent a lot of money each month paying for subscriptions for different platforms, now we pay a tiny part of that amount and we have all the tools we need in one.

Dayana García

The impact of our campaigns has not stopped growing since we began working with FluxForce. Being able to use various digital channels on this platform has made our clients feel our company closer to them and trust much more in our services.

Ana M. Estrada

Our agency has taken a leap in the quality of its services with the use of the FluxForce platform. Our clients sales have skyrocketed since we automated their marketing and communication campaigns.